Worksop Priory Gatehouse – THE MOVIE!

The Worksop Priory & Gatehouse Community Trust (WPGCT) have created an eight-part series of comical interpretive films charting the 700+ year history of Worksop Priory Gatehouse.

All have been created as bite-size vimeo videos lasting between 2.5 and 5.5 minutes or scroll down to watch the entire story as one movie.

The story of the Gatehouse is told with a light-hearted mood by the three remaining statuettes found on the front of this historic building, namely St Cuthbert, the Virgin Mary, and St Augustine, AKA Bert, Mary, and Gus.

Part one – Saints Alive!

Part two – Genesis.

Part three – Numbers 1: The Multitude.

Part four – Judges.

Part five – Acts and Lamentations.

Part six – Exodus 1: Let my people go!

Part seven – Exodus 2: A prophet in the wilderness.

Part eight – Today’s Lesson: Desolation or Redemption.

Or watch the entire movie in one go…